Changing Your Name

Once you have your certified copy of your marriage certificate in hand, you can begin to change your name with the Social Security Administration, DMV,  and Voters Registration, etc.

Social Security Administration

If you recently changed your name because of marriage, you need to notify the Social Security Administration in order to receive a social security card with your new name. There is no fee for this service.

Here is how to change your name with the Social Security Administration:

  • First, print off an Application for a Social Security Card, also known as Form SS-5, and fill out the details.
  • Next, take your completed form to your local Social Security Administration office. You can find your nearest location online here. Provide a certified copy of your marriage certificate as evidence of your name change. As proof of identity, you will also need to show a U.S. passport, a U.S. driver license or a state-issued ID card.
  • You will receive a new Social Security card with your name change in the mail.

Be sure to change your name with the Social Security Administration before the DMV. After changing your Social Security information, allow 48 hours for your information to update in the DMV system before going to update your driver license.


After visiting the Social Security Administration, you will need to notify your state’s motor vehicle department of your marriage to receive an updated driver license with your new name. All requests should be made in person; you cannot change your name with your state’s office by mail or online.

Here’s how to update your details with your DMV.

  • First, locate your nearest state DMV office. You can do this by entering your ZIP code online here.
  • Visit your local office within 30 days of changing your name with the SSA. When you arrive, you will need to show your marriage certificate to prove your name change. Be sure to bring the original certificate or a certified copy.

You also need to provide a document that confirms your identity. You can use one of the following:

  • A passport
  • A Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization
  • A United States Uniformed Services Privilege and Identification Card
  • A Temporary or Permanent Resident Identification Card

The staff member processing your application will also ask to see your current driver license with your previous name.

Expect to pay a license replacement fee to change the name on your driver license. Your marriage name change won’t affect the expiration date on your license.

Once you have received your license, throw your old one away.

Changing your name for voter registration

File a new registration using your new name, even if you are already registered to vote. Please notify your county elections department of the change.

You can change your name online with MyVote if you have a Washington State driver license or ID in your new name. If you do not, you can also change your name by mail.